Green car wash  „AVANTAJ” „Experience and professionalism!”

6 years of experience in business and highly qualified staff, recommends us as reliable partners.

Providing modern and professional equipment from the most renowned manufacturers in the field, professional cleaning solutions accredited at European level, with biodegradable quotients, together with our staff, we offer the full range of auto cosmetics service with a high degree of professionalism .

„AVANTAJ” is an ecological car wash for your needs.

At „AVANTAJ”, the real ecological car wash from Tulcea, we use only products that do not harm the environment, and we take care that potentially harmful substances should not leave the premises of our car wash. At an ecological car wash materials with potential pollutant are filtered before discharge and this is what we do.
As an extra, AVANTAJ”, being an ecological car wash, we have a low energy consumption and water, because we consider that environmental protection is important. Thus, if you are interested in an ecological car wash in Tulcea , call us with confidence!
The range of services offered:


  • Washing body and thresholds, clean wheels with special solution, application of maintenance solution for tires, liquid wax application;


  • vacuum,board skimming , vacuum interior doors, trunk vacuum, clean windows;


  • upholstery fabric cleaning, degreasing ceiling with professional solutions and units designed specifically for this operation;
  • leather upholstery with cleaning professional solutions and implement special treatment skin maintenance;
  • polish and degassing of car body , lights polishing using pastes and professional equipment, engine wash.

During car washing you can relax in a special atmosphere in our bar.

Also we provide free wireless internet inside our car wash so you can connect your notebook or your mobile to internet.
We look forward seeing you here!
Appointments, tel. 0743211013
Address: Str. Pacii, no.80, Tulcea.

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